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MULCH: Cedar, Pine, and Bark Mulches

Mulches are extremely beneficial to any garden or planting. Mulch lowers maintenance by conserving moisture and suppressing weeds. Mulch improves the fertility of the root zone by adding organic matter as it decomposes and it keeps that root zone cool and moist even in the high heat of summer.

Below are the various colours to choose from. Other colours and varieties are available at your request.

Shredded Pine Mulch - Natural or Red Colour

uniform texture, great aroma | Natural colour turns reddish brown | reddish brown colour, ages to dark | acidic pH helps condition soil

Classic Cedar Mulch - Natural or Brown Colour

freshly ground White Cedar bark | strong cedar aroma | long lasting, slow decomposition | golden brown colour, grays with age

Black Bark Mulch

 processed from hardwood substrates | ground and aged for stability

Natural Hardwood Blend

processed from fresh hardwood bark | ground and aged for stability | dark brown colour ages to gray | economical and commercial work

Helmlock Mulch

Greenhaze favourite | hardwood mulch | premium product | uniform texture | reddish brown colour | excellent colour retention | long lasting, slow decomposition | repels insects