Whether it’s improving an existing garden or installing a new one, at Greenhaze, we can assist you from the design stage to the installation.

We offer a variety of landscaping services listed below:


Garden Design & Installation

Let us help you create your dream garden to enjoy with your family and friends. All designed with your lifestyle in mind.

Interlock Walkways & Driveways

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Whether you have a new yard or an existing weed-filled one, laying sod is a fast and easy way to achieve luscious green grass instantly.

Top Dressing & Overseeding

With top dressing and over seeding, we make thin grass thicker, lumpy grass smoother, and poor soil rich again.

Tree Planting

A well placed tree can add value to any home. In the summer add trees to your property for shade.


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Whether it’s grading a new lot or leveling an existing one, at Greenhaze, we get all the bumps out and make your property grade-ready for your new garden or sod.

Fence and Deck Installation

If you need more privacy or a fence to keep your children and pets safe, we can build it for you. Decking available in pressure treated or composite.